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Everyone’s had that moment. They break the arm off their expensive eyeglasses, the clasp on their favourite necklace, or a piece off a broach that has been passed down through the family. There are always two thoughts: “That was my favourite!” and “This is going to cost me.”

That’s where Regina’s own Fire and Ice can give you a hand. Jewellery experts Christopher Neil and Ryan Eberts have been working in the community since 2005. In addition to their amazing custom jewellery designs, the pair also offer repair services.

“At the end of the day, getting your jewellery, eyeglasses and other items repaired saves you from having to buy new — which means more money in your pocket,” says Christopher. “Plus, there are some items that just can’t be replaced, so getting your items repaired saves on sentimental value as well.”

One of the amazing tools Fire and Ice use to repair your items is their Roflin Performance XE laser welder. The laser welder is able to fix things that can’t be soldered or fixed with a torch. That includes things like delicate jewellery, eyeglasses and dental appliances. The laser works with different materials, colours and textures, all while keeping the integrity of the material and the piece as a whole. “This is a better option than, say, glue for those things that can’t be soldered,” Ryan adds. This is a permanent, strong fix — not a temporary Band-Aid.”

Another thing that makes the laser welder special? It works with platinum, which many comparable laser welders aren’t able to do. “Typically, to repair or make adjustments to platinum pieces, you need to be working at a very, very high temperature — up to 3,000 C,” says Christopher. “Then, you risk damaging gems and other aspects of the piece.” With this laser, and with its precision, there are no worries. “The laser actually has a scope that we can look through and really pinpoint where the fix needs to be made,” Christopher says. “Your items will come out looking brand new.”

Fire and Ice are the only ones in Regina able to offer this service, and you would be hard pressed to find a similar service elsewhere in the province. Everything is able to be done in house; in some cases it takes only a few minutes, and there is no need to send your items away and wait for their return.

“We love that we can offer this service to our customers,” Ryan adds. “Not only are we able to work with an even larger portion of the folks here in Regina, but we love that we can offer peace of mind to those who come in. Sometimes, that’s a person distraught that a family heirloom may be broken forever and sometimes it’s a person worried about the cost of a replacement.”

Want to see Fire and Ice’s work? Check out their portfolio on Facebook and at firenice.ca and take back your peace of mind.


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