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When people find math challenging, they often say they’re “not a math person,” or have no need for math in their daily life. I believe that the opposite is true — math is closely connected to how we think, make decisions and understand our world. A person’s ability in math can deeply affect their confidence and personal success, which makes investing in your child’s math education paramount.

Math helps form new ideas about the universe, which are then applied to our daily lives to make many practical differences. Throughout history, mathematical discoveries have revolutionized our world. For example, math created the first colour photograph and cracked the German army’s Enigma cipher code to help the Allies win World War Two. Today, math is used to develop the computers and technology that we rely on.

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Math even has a part to play in art, music and sports. Take the movie Moneyball, for example, released in 2011. It is about a Major League Baseball team, the Oakland A’s, and how they used statistical analysis to become a competitive team, despite having a small budget.

By analyzing data about the players’ performances (related to batting, pitching and fielding), coaches and owners can accurately determine player efficiency, win percentages and measure future productivity. In many ways, it’s the data that provides baseball's front-office decision makers an alternative, objective way to evaluate players. In essence, it’s math in action!

Refined, Saskatoon, Mathnasium, Math, Education, Schools, Learning, Local Schools

Since math affects us every day and has many practical applications, it’s worth the investment. A 2016 study in the Journal of Labour Market Research found that 94 per cent of American workers use math every day in some capacity, with the most common practices being addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.¹

At Mathnasium Saskatoon, we believe that with the right tools and instruction, anyone can learn to understand, and even love, math. We teach math to kids from Grades 2 to 12 in a way that helps them develop a deep understanding of foundational mathematical concepts. With more than 800 centres in Canada and the United States, the Mathnasium Method has transformed how kids learn math in a way that makes sense to them as individual students.

Refined, Saskatoon, Mathnasium, Math, Education, Schools, Learning, Local Schools

With our method, we assess the student’s needs, design a custom learning plan, and have our specifically trained instructors work with them until they understand, using their custom plan. And the best part? We don’t assign homework; all work is done in the Mathnasium session. The confidence that students gain from understanding math translates into other areas too, eliminating the frustration many kids feel when they can’t understand homework, and replacing it with the ability to approach problems with confidence, both on the page and in daily life.

Investing in your children’s future with math can help them develop critical thinking skills and gain the courage to investigate the world around them through logic and problem solving. For those who enjoy math, the career possibilities are endless. Accounting, teaching, financial planning, banking, carpentry, mechanics, interior design, and research are just a few in a long list of math-related careers.

With math, confidence and hard work quickly become more important than natural talent. The constant change of today’s technological world means math is essential for understanding our lives and helping shape a better future for ourselves, our families and all those around us.


Nathan Windels, owner

Mathnasium of Saskatoon

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