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Most young people don’t dream about growing up to become an audiologist. So when asked Dr. Karen Sharpe about her journey and commitment to audiology, which included earning her doctorate, she simply states she “always had a desire to help people.” Her original path started with an interest in speech-language pathology, which drew her into audiology.

“Helping people communicate is what gives me ultimate gratification and motivates me,” she says. “I grew up in Saskatchewan, but school and my career took me initially to the United States where I earned my Doctorate in Audiology. I returned in 2009, and following budget changes to the Hearing Aid Plan in 2017, the opportunity to build a new customer-focused business arose — Thrive Hearing Solutions.

This choice has helped many people alleviate frustrations and limitations they’ve experienced while trying to regain the connection created by the ability to hear.  “What most people do not understand about hearing loss is w isolated those with hearing loss can become. It most often begins with subtle changes such as not being able to hear conversations clearly or needing the television to be louder than others want. The result is that the person experiencing loss begins to withdraw into themselves,” Dr. Sharpe adds.

Thrive Hearing Solutions strives to be the ultimate concierge service in providing hearing solutions to their clientele. “We differentiate ourselves on many levels —from the intimate boutique experience to being your communication partner,” says Dr. Sharpe.

Thrive Hearing Solutions has taken more than 20 years of audiology experience, connection and relationships with their clients, alongside their professional experience and approach, to differentiate themselves from other hearing aid suppliers and ensure you have the right hearing aids that truly enhance your quality of life.

When it comes to hearing aids, one size does not fit all — it takes individualized care and attention. Every client who lives with hearing loss has a different experience, as well as unique and different hearing needs.  “Much like with corrective eyewear, our clients may require additional adjustments to suit their needs and we provide that as part of our services until your device is working perfectly for you,” adds Dr. Sharpe.  “Our state-of-the-art testing equipment ensures accurate, reliable testing; our years of experience ensure you get the right fit for your needs, and follow up adjustments and attention give you the best results and the peace of mind you deserve.”

If you suspect you or a loved one is having a hearing issue, please contact the clinic to set up a consultation and evaluation.

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