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The Working Woman

As a working woman and mother, my body has experienced some major ups and downs when it comes to stress and the joys of what happens to a woman after children. All of this can have a direct effect on our hair. In our 20s and 30s, we work hard to get through school and build up our careers. All of this comes with a considerable amount of stress. Stress causes a number of chemicals to be released into the bloodstream, and in some cases is bad enough that our body goes into fight or flight mode. This constant surge of adrenalin fed into our bodies causes a cascade of hormones that protect the major organs in our body so we are ready to “run from the imminent threat.” Chronic, ongoing stress can lead to a decrease in oxygen and nutrient supply to the hair follicle, causing thinner hair.

The Mom

Congratulations! It’s a baby! Or babies! You probably had the best hair of your life in the nine months you were pregnant. Afterward, you notice your hair shedding and all of a sudden you find yourself moving your part to cover areas on your scalp that are now visible. With aging, life happens. In my case, my father was killed in a car accident five weeks after my second child was born. All the hormone changes combined with a huge loss in my life led to my hair becoming thinner than it had ever been before. Busy work schedules and busy kids can also lead to a poor diet. Typically, through these stressful times, we don’t get enough proper nutrition or we “emotionally eat,” which is usually full of carbs, salts or sugars. Bring on the ice cream and Nutella! All of this leads to what we call diffuse thinning or Telogen Effluvium, a condition where your hair starts to slowly get thinner, weaker and in many cases, we see more scalp and/or temple area.

The Menopause Years and Beyond

Moving through menopause, there is typically a decrease in estrogen and/or progestogen, leaving testosterone as the dominant hormone. This contributes further to thinning hair. With stress, age and busy schedules, it is very easy to become deficient in certain hormones, vitamins and minerals. Speaking with a Trichologist (Hair & Scalp Disorder Specialist) can help. Trichologists are a para-medical field of dermatology, using a holistic approach to hair growth at every stage of life.

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