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As spring quickly approaches, it’s time to start planning your yard. What steps will you take this year to make your lawn as luscious as possible? What can you do differently to ensure your grass stays thick, healthy and vibrant for every summer to come? Give Weed Pro a call!

Healthy, Attractive Lawns with Weed Pro Regina

Marc Russell, owner of Weed Pro Regina, has been in the lawn care industry since 2004 — and he is passionate about helping people have healthy, attractive lawns. “Synthetic fertilizers only feed the grass plant but don’t treat the soil,” explains Marc. “You might have a nice green lawn for several years, but since the soil itself is not being treated, you’ll end up having to add more and more fertilizer each year to get the same results. When the soil isn’t healthy, it won’t transfer its nutrients to the grass plants; it will require more watering; the soil will become compacted more easily. Your lawn may look nice, but really, it may be quite unhealthy.”

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Weed Pro’s fertilizers feed both the soil and the grass. Every program Weed Pro offers includes three applications of their premium synthetic fertilizer. And three of their four programs include three applications of their organic fertilizer to specifically increase microbial activity and re-mineralize tired soils.

Organic Fertilizer Delivers Results for Your Lawn

“There are a lot of organic products on the market with a sticker on the package detailing the nutrients inside. The problem is that many sources of organic nutrients used in fertilizer can’t be absorbed by the grass plant, therefore they remain tied up in the soil and deliver poor results. Our organic fertilizer is one of the best organic fertilizers in the industry and it delivers amazing results,” adds Marc.

When it comes to weed control, Marc and his team get the job done safely and efficiently. All their weed control products have been tested and are registered by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency, and all their weed control technicians have been trained and licensed by the proper Provincial authorities. Their equipment is calibrated to apply the correct amount of product to eliminate weeds.

Refined, Homes, Regina, Weedpro, Yard Care, Backyards, Landscaping, Lawn Care

Our goal is to get your lawn thick and lush, so that it naturally crowds out weeds. “While we do use weed control products, we know from experience that weed control goes beyond applying a herbicide,” explains Marc. “If your lawn is healthy, it will crowd out weeds naturally and make it extremely difficult for new weeds to pop up.”

Weed Pro knows that treating the soil is key to a healthy lawn.  All their programs include three applications of “Soil Booster.”  In times of drought, lawns fed with this product stay green longer and retain moister better, and are also more disease and insect resistant. Soil Booster contains many trace minerals and vitamins that enrich both the soil and the grass plant. It also acts as a microbial stimulant, which loosens the soil. To put it simply, Soil Booster is the nectar of the gods in terms of lawn care — and Weed Pro applies it not once, but three times with every lawn care program at no extra cost.

Refined, Homes, Regina, Weedpro, Yard Care, Backyards, Landscaping, Lawn Care

Weed Pro’s Approach to Lawn Care is Taking Care of Customers

“Our customers are valuable to us, and we treat them the way we want to be treated,” Marc emphasizes. “We believe in open communication. I’m a customer too, and know how frustrating it can be trying to get a real person on the other end of the phone or email. We encourage customer feedback by giving the option after each visit for our customers to do a short survey and to share comments. I want to be in business for many years to come and realize the service we provide is lawn care, but the product we must deliver is great customer service.”

If you are looking for a safe and effective form of lawn care this summer, contact Weed Pro today.


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